Business Directory

Several huge multinational companies have already seen the strategic potential of the SPIPB as an implementation site in America. Together, they have invested more than 3 billion dollars in very large plant construction. They are environmentally respectful and are considered for the most part as being the modernest worldwide in their respective field.


The SPIPB's major companies have joined to form a committee called the Comité des entreprises et organismes du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour (CEOP). The purpose of this committee is to foster cooperation and coordinate issues of common interest. It is also a way for businesses to strengthen their relationship with civilians, municipal and economic stakeholders in the industry. In accordance with modern management principles, the CEOP aims to provide its customers with high-quality products and services while ensuring the protection of the environment. The CEOP currently has about twenty active members (manufacturing businesses consisting of at least five employees) and associated members (service businesses consisting of at least five employees).

Other manufacturing businesses in the area

The immediate area benefits from a solid industrial tradition. Well known for its pulp and paper industries and as having the first aluminum plant in Canada, the region has built and fostered a renowned industrial culture. Industries in the primary transformation sector in metal, in the manufacturing of metal products, textile and clothing manufacturing, printing and editing, manufacturing of electric and electronic machinery, furniture and wood products and also in the food sector are also present in the region.