Our sustainable development

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Habitat development
for yellow perch

Following the moratorium on yellow perch fishing in order to protect the species, spawning habitat development work for this fish has been carried out on the SPIPB's territory.

Since 2018, these developments have been monitored by the Groupe de concertation des bassins versants de la zone Bécancour (GROBEC) to ensure the use of the site by wildlife.

Enhancement of
Montesson Island

Committed to its region, the SPIPB is proud to finance a planting project on Montesson Island in Bécancour, in collaboration with the Saint-Laurent Action Fund. This innovative project aims to establish shrub and tree species native to or adjacent to Quebec and adapted to the ecological conditions of the environment. This action will help increase the resilience of the sector's ecosystems in the face of current and future threats, in addition to diversifying food resources and habitats for wildlife.

Montesson Island

of the human environment

In an effort to better communicate with its neighbouring community, the SPIPB has carried out a characterization of the human environment. This strategy follows the principles of consultation and public participation stated in the SPIPB sustainable development policy for the period 2015-2020. Several issues and recommendations have been raised and the SPIPB is currently working on implementing concrete solutions in order to set up effective communication and participation tools.