Sustainable Development
Plan and policies

Sustainable Development - SPIPB
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Sustainable development,
it is important to us!

Recognized as a unique economic development tool in Quebec, the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park is also an example of responsible environmental management. Our plan and our policies in place allow us to ensure this promising and future-oriented direction.

Sustainable development
action plan

Looking to the future, the SPIPB has adopted an ambitious five-year sustainable development action plan (SDAP) for the period from 2023 to 2028. Thorough environmental reporting will be included in the annual SPIPB reports.


Environmental Policy

As a world leader in welcoming investments and developing responsible port activities, the SPIPB constantly aims to reduce the environmental impacts of development on future generations.

Environmental Management

For the SPIPB, environmental challenges are very important and this preoccupation is reflected in Bécancour’s port operations.

With several partners, in 2008, the Port participated in the creation of Alliance verte, which is an association aiming to strengthen environmental management and community respect in the maritime industry. First implemented in Quebec, Alliance verte is now present and acclaimed worldwide for its environmental achievements.

With the goal of continuous improvement, the SPIPB continues its implementation of environmental management principles at the Bécancour’s port. With its sustainable development action plan, the SPIPB engaged itself in applying a new environmental management policy over the next few years that will aim to enforce port users towards responsible and sustainable operations.