Advantages and infrastructures
of the Industrial Park


The Bécancour Industrial Park offers undeniable advantages for setting up your industrial project. In addition to its state-of-the-art infrastructures and optimal location, the Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour provides personalized support from one end of your project to the other.

A giant in America

A giant in America

One of the largest industrial parks in Canada, with nearly 7,000 hectares of land with no drop-off and a high load-bearing capacity.

A strategically enviable geographic location

A strategically enviable geographic location

A gateway to an exceptional market of more than 100 million consumers within a radius of barely 1,000 km, i.e., nearly a quarter of the North American population concentrated in the most highly industrialized area of the continent.

A vibrant industry community

A vibrant industry community

A group of innovative companies, well integrated into their environment, whose synergistic nature contributes greatly to the vitality of each of them.

A reliable and varied energy supply

A reliable and varied energy supply

A variety of reliable energy supplies, ensured by the convergence in Bécancour of three hydroelectric networks of the Société d'État Hydro-Québec and the presence of a secure, high-capacity natural gas network.

World-class infrastructure

World-class infrastructure

A privileged choice for industry thanks to a deep-water port accessible year-round, the almost unlimited availability of water needed for industrial processes and its direct links with the main industrial regions of the American continent (Midwest, Great Lakes, East Coast).

Exceptional quality workforce

Exceptional quality workforce

Skilled workers, the product of two centuries of industrial tradition, who have forged a highly qualified workforce and a network of subcontracting companies on which the most demanding industrialists can rely to ensure the profitability of their investments.

The perfect balance between nature and urban life

The perfect balance between nature and urban life

A remarkable environment that optimizes the quality of life with accessible services, while being much safer and more affordable (cost of living) than large urban centers.

The credibility and stability of a Crown corporation

The credibility and stability of a Crown corporation

Reliable and efficient management by a Québec government corporation that combines the entrepreneurial approach essential to successful business with the impeccable reputation of an official representative of the Québec government.


The Bécancour Industrial Park is equipped with a wide variety of state-of-the-art industrial infrastructures to serve local businesses.

Electricity Electricity

Located at the crossroads of the electrical distribution networks, the Becancour Waterfront Industrial Park is recognized as one of the most reliable places in Quebec for hydroelectric power.

The Industrial Park obtains its power from three different hydroelectric sources, two of the most important in the world, Churchill Falls and James Bay, as well as the Saint-Maurice River system.

The park also has a co-generation plant producing 550 MW. Hydro-Quebec is thus able to supply, at very competitive costs, all the businesses in the Industrial Park and those wishing to set up there.

The voltages available in the Industrial Park are 230 kV, 120 kV, 25 kV and 600 V.

Natural gas Natural gas

The Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park is served by a 2400 kPa high-pressure line and an underground distribution network that supplies the user companies.

These companies currently consume 153,000 m³ per hour and the remaining capacity is 60,000 m³ per hour. The capacity can be increased as needed.

Drinking water Drinking water

Filtered and treated water comes from the City of Bécancour's filtration plant, which has reservoirs with a total capacity of 15,910 m³.

In order to meet the demand during peak periods and to reinforce fire protection, the Bécancour Industrial Park and Harbour has built an additional 5,600 m³ reservoir connected to the municipal network.

The pumping facilities of this reservoir are equipped with a diesel engine backup system providing a flow rate of 16 m³ per minute, which meets the standards of the most demanding insurers.

Industrial Water Industrial Water

Given that the use of drinking water must be restricted to human needs, the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park is equipped with a raw water distribution network for other industrial needs.

Taken from the St. Lawrence River, industrial water is regularly analyzed and usually meets the needs of the industries for cooling and for processes. The industrial water pumping plant has a capacity of 250,000 m³ per day.

Industrial water rates take into account both the maximum amount of water required (reserved capacity) during peak periods and the amount of water actually consumed.

Rate I (capital) $13.53/1,000 m³ of reserved capacity per day
Tarif EX (operating) $8.28/1,000 m³ of reserved capacity per day
Tarif E (electricity) $32.78/1,000 m³ consumed
Quantities in excess of reserved capacity $0.43/m³ in excess of reserved capacity

In recent years, the weighting of costs based on reserved capacity and those based on actual consumption shows an average cost for all industries of approximately $0.07/m³.

Sewage and industrial wastewater Sewage and industrial wastewater

The sanitary wastewater generated by the companies is treated in a network owned by the Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour. A conventional biological technology is used before discharge to the environment. This system is only dedicated to sanitary wastewater and no industrial wastewater is treated.

Industrial wastewater is managed by the environmental authorization system of the Ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs. When the environmental authorization is issued, discharge standards will be established to protect the environment. These standards are always based on the capacity of the receiving environment and on the best treatment technology available and economically feasible for the company.

For certain conventional parameters, the standards are generally constant within the Becancour Industrial Park, except in exceptional situations. These standards are as follows:

  • Suspended solids: 25 mg/L
  • Biological oxygen demand (5 days): 25 mg/L
  • Total phosphorus: 1 mg/L

Industrial waste Industrial waste

In case of specific needs for a company, a landfill, or stockpile may be provided for industrial projects. The Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour owns land with the necessary geology and space to create such facilities.

A commercial landfill site is also present within the Becancour Industrial Park and Port. Gestion 3LB Inc. operates a landfill site dedicated to non-hazardous waste of commercial and industrial origin that does not have organic content. For more information on this subject, you can visit the company's website.

Raw materials Raw materials

Companies in the Bécancour Industrial Park are a source of diversified raw materials.

Raw materials
  • Air Liquide Canada: Hydrogen gas, natural gas
  • Aluminerie de Bécancour inc.: Alumina, petroleum coke
  • ARKEMA Canada inc.: Hydrogen gas
  • CEPSA Chimie Bécancour: Kerosene, benzene
  • Les produits laminés Sural Canada inc.: Primary aluminum, magnesium, silicon, chromium
  • Olin Produits Chlor Alkali: Salt
  • Silicium Québec SEC: Quartz, coal, wood chips
  • TC Énergie: Natural gas
  • Viterra inc.: Grains
Finished products
  • Air Liquide Canada: Liquid and gaseous hydrogen
  • Aluminerie de Bécancour inc.: Aluminum billets, plates and ingots
  • ARKEMA Canada inc.: Hydrogen peroxide
  • Canadoil Forge Ltée: Steel fittings for pipeline
  • CEPSA Chimie Bécancour: Linear alkylbenzene
  • Les produits laminés Sural Canada inc.: Aluminum rod
  • Olin Produits Chlor Alkali: Caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid
  • Silicium Québec SEC: Silicon metal, silica ferroalloy
  • TC Énergie: Electricity and steam
  • Viterra inc.: Vegetable oil
  • Air Liquide Canada: Carbon dioxide
  • Aluminerie de Bécancour inc.: Cryolite
  • CEPSA Chimie Bécancour: Hydrogen gas
  • Olin Produits Chlor Alkali: Sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen gas
  • Silicium Québec SEC: Carbon dioxide

TC Energy can supply medium and low-pressure steam from its cogeneration plant producing 550 MW of electricity.

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