What is the size of the ships that can berth at Bécancour?

Bécancour’s port has 5 berths of different lengths. The smallest is 150 metres while the longest ships can berth on berth B-5 which is 292 metres.

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What type of merchandize pass at Bécancour’s port?

Merchandize transbordered at Bécancour include several types of dry bulk (salt, grains, alumina, etc.) liquid bulk (vegetable oil, paraffin, etc.) as well as general cargo (steel, windmill, vehicles, etc.).

What quantity of merchandize is transbordered annually?

On average, a merchandise volume of 2 million tons is transbordered annually by 120 to 130 ships berthing at Bécancour.

What are the sailing conditions in Bécancour?

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How can I know which ships are awaited?

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