Facilities and Services


Port facilities are situated in freshwater. It is comprised of 5 berths and a Ro-Ro ramp. The following facilities are available:

  • A bulk liquid terminal located less than a kilometre from the port facilities and linked to berth B-1 by a network of pipes allowing the transfer liquids directly from ships to tanks.
  • A railway line linking the port facilities to the CN railway network.
  • A merchandize handling and storage land that covers 61 hectares (151 acres) of which 14 hectares (35 acres) are paved, lighted and located close to the berths.
  • Two pneumatic ship unloaders belonging to the Aluminerie de Bécancour inc.
  • A gatehouse to control access to the port and a scale to weigh handled goods.


Technical description

Berth length

Berth Length ft Length m
B-1 800 244
B-2 492 150
B-3 719 219
B-4 702 214
B-5 958 292
Ro-Ro 69 21

Water depth

35 ft or 10.67 metres

Available services

Towing, pilotage, maritime traffic services, unloading, maritime agencies, maintenance, cleaning and environment service, customs.