Support to Investment

Local and government programs

A variety of support programs and services are available for investors that foster the achievement of their transformation or manufacturing industrial projects. The SPIPB supports the investor in all the implementation steps of a company.

Provincial Government

Investissement Quebec coordinates the Government’s actions regarding the on-boarding and support to investment projects.

Federal Government

Canadian companies can also benefit from the support of the Federal Government when starting a business and from some business financing.


The City of Bécancour provides a 100% real property taxes credit for the first 3 years for building owners to compensate for the tax resulting from the increase of the taxable value of an industrial building being built, rebuilt, transformed, renovated or expanded.

CLD Bécancour

The Centre Local de Développement de Bécancour offers services to start-up, consolidation and development, for medium and small businesses:

  • Support to write the business plan
  • Support and follow-up on business development
  • Support to obtain financing
  • Investment funds
  • Networking


R & D Programs

Quebec has an important concentration of companies in the knowledge industry, many research centres and a scientific environment favourable to carrying out research and development projects.

Fiscal measures

In Quebec, research and development projects benefit from very favourable fiscal incentives. Tax privileges granted by the Government can greatly reduce the costs of research and development.

Research Centres

Centre de métallurgie du Québec
The mission of the Centre de Métallurgie du Quebec is to be a reference in technology, research and development transfer to foster the expansion and competitiveness of the metal industry while supporting professional teaching in college.

Centre d'innovation des produits cellulosiques-innofibre
The Centre d’Innovation des produits cellulosiques Innofibre has the mission of contributing to the technological and sustainable development positioning of paper and biorefining, and to the diversification of products coming from the biomass by adapting paper manufacturer technologies.

Centre de recherche sur les matériaux lignocellulosiques
The Centre de recherche sur les matériaux lignocellulosiques joins the study of fundamental scientific problematics in pulp and paper industry as well as lignocellulosic composite material to phenomenon and technological aspects, to contribute to an increased efficiency of the development of this industry in Quebec.

Institut de recherche sur l'hydrogène
The Institut de recherche sur l’hydrogène (IRH) de l’Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières is one of the main research institutes in Canada that is dedicated to hydrogen. Its objective is to contribute to hydrogen technology development by its research activities on stockage, production and safe use of this product.

CNETE – Centre National en électrochimie et en Technologies Environnementales
The mandate of the CNETE is to carry out applied research activities and support companies and provide information to contribute to the elaboration and implementation of innovation projects and to develop new technologies in bioprocessing, separating by membrane technologies and electrochemistry.

CTTÉI – Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle
The CTTÉI has the mission of increasing the performance of Quebec companies and communities with the research and development of innovative technologies in industrial ecology, by fostering the value of waste, green products and the establishment of industrial synergy.

Oleotek has the mission of helping companies to innovate in the domain of renewable chemistry, green chemistry, management of processes and industrial green products while actively contributing to the continuation of the regional.